12 Minute Affiliate Review – Big SCAM or 100% Legit?

Hi, thank you for sitting and here you will read complete 12 minute affiliate review.

I look forward to having you here because I see that you’re involved in online marketing / affiliate marketing as a means of making money from home. I would like to write about 12 Minute Affiliate because it is one of today’s most competitive online Field.

You may have looked at more than one affiliate marketing platform and learned (the difficult way) that many of the training programs and systems have scams but this 12 Minute System is 100% Legit.


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I don’t want to wasting your time and resources on something you hope will give you much money, but don’t… I know it’s especially hard to lose money…

So, let’s see if it’s a real one or yet another scam together.

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate-12 Minute Affiliate Review?

On their sales page they make it sound so Simple…

So read my full 12 Minute Affiliate Review and understand for whom this Program has been made.

12-minute Affiliate System has been founded by Great Affiliate marketer Devon Brown as Done-for-You (DFY) affiliate marketing service as a do-for-you program, it is expected to be the 12 Minute affiliate team that does all the work.

So, all you really have to do is to set it up and wait until your partner commissions come in when you purchase this product. That’s at least the way it’s commercialized. 

Their program is currently promoting goods from ClickBank. ClickBank is a well-ebook marketplace, course, and many more… some products are good and some not so good However ClickBank is 100% legit.

Another promise that your sales page (and its maker) makes is that it is an up-to-date program. It works for both Beginners and Expert marketers.

On behalf of the system, you can see it:
12 affiliate minutes. It takes only 12 minutes and you give us the feeling that… Twelve minutes of work should be enough every day. This is easy, and you get the much-needed “passive income” while you’re sleeping.
12 Minute Affiliate Review 12 Minutes


I know it looks too amazing to be real for 12 minutes partner… so stick with me (and we’re going down this).

first Thing come first, we must know about the creator of this system and his name is devon brown.


Who is Devon Brown?

Devon Brown or @TheDevonBrown (name used on the social media accounts) build a 12-minute Affiliate.

He is a great affiliate businessman, bloggers, performance mentors, singers, emcees and hip-hops (just to name few). It also has a range of other items. When I searched whether he was a real human, I noticed these details on his social media page.

12 Minute Affiliate Review Devon Brown

Devon Brown is a true human, of course. He has a legal media profile on Facebook, Instagram, etc with thousands of followers. He’s always an entrepreneur and motivational leader–it’s a positive indicator. Now we know about the creator who has create this system, so now its time to know is 12 minute affiliate is scam or legit.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?-12 Minute Affiliate Review

In comparison to so many scams, a genuine person with actual online presence runs a 12 minute Affiliate, and it’s fair to say that it’s not a scam.

Many people on social media support and like Devon Brown–this is another step in the right direction. 

But… 12 minute Affiliate doesn’t mean a quick solution to your financial problems. We ought to further analyze how our commitments and aspirations will actually deliver the outcomes we desire.

However I wouldn’t doubt his honesty. Devon Brown is obviously popular, well loved. I wonder if 12 Minute Affiliate is a little tougher than it looks. 

Yet you can still raise some money (this will help offset the expenses of entering 12 minutes of affiliates) for items such as online polls if the financial state is not perfect.

Sites like surveyjunkie.com and swagbucks.com are popular and can be used to start online though they are obviously not going to make you rich.

They can also be a move forward in something more serious than an online service. 

You should be at home, for example, because of health conditions or because young people matter about you. You don’t want to work for another guy, maybe.

If this is what you want and if you have a full-time online job, that is what you need to learn how to start, and where to work.

So, our next step is to learn how does this system will work for you.

How Does 12 Minutes Affiliate System Work?

At this page, I will explain how 12 Minutes System Works and discuss the explanation why it may or may not act as an opportunity to make money.

Here’s how 12 Minute Affiliate System secure order page looks like…

Now our next step is to learn how you will use this system.

Steps to use the partner software for 12 minutes Affiliate

1. obviously, purchase the product.

2. Log in to Your Account.

3. Set up the following system:

  • Create your ClickBank affiliate account
  • Setting up your autoresponder
  • Sending Traffic to your landing pages
12 Minute Affiliate Review Checklist
12 Minute Affiliate Quick-Start Checklist



4. Get affiliate payments (the part you’re expecting).

after making your landing pages and stepup your click bank account you might wondering how 12 minute affiliate system will make money for you.

How the 12 Minute Affiliate System Makes Money

Let’s talk about the part of the “making money.” Here are 12 Minute Affiliate partner methods that help you earn affiliate commissions on autopilot.

1. After joining 12 Minutes Affiliate, you will get landing pages (equivalent to websites).Where you will choose from 3 niches- Home Business (making money online included), weight loss (one of the main Health sub-niches) and Human Personal Development.

2.You will Connect Your landing to your email automated answering machine (you will need to pay for it, so please remember that this is an improvement in cost). Set-up is simple, but you can pay a small fee to have them do it for You (they have guidelines for their members). Else you Can get a 14 day free trial of Click Funnel.

3.You will receive pre-written emails that can be imported into your autoresponder. Such e-mails include promotional items which is pre-selected by the company.

4. Purchase traffic (an extra extra fee for you). Your traffic is directed to your landing pages automatically. I’d like to explain at this point that you only buy clicks, not opt-ins, and you don’t even know how many users subscribe to the email list when it comes to it.

For paying traffic that can be a major threat, because you simply can not expect or recognize that the traffic for which you pay will Genrate revenue or sale. In other words, hundreds (even thousands) of dollars can be wasted absolutely and not sold at all. 

12 minutes Affiliate has its own source of traffic but, again, the traffic does not benefit from any guarantee.

12 Minute Affiliate Review Paid Traffic

5. If customers purchase some of the items they advertise, you can receive affiliate payments (your emails will come with your ClickBank affiliate link). With email list you will have more ways to sell more product and you can maximize your earning. Now let me tell you that you should know.

What You Should Know!

I agree, it all sounds good I said so far. But we find certain stuff deeper, you need to remember, too…

Disclaimer–There are no promises as stated above, and the affiliate agrees 12 minutes.

At the bottom of your sales page there is a disclaimer which means you won’t be promising that your company earns money. You said your future earnings will depend on you and your actions online. For me, their disclaimer is saying that their product is not sure to work for everybody. Well, I believe it’s like that for any business anyway…

12 Minute Affiliate Review Disclaimer

  • This twelve minutes– find it very hard to believe. To me, it’s a turn off so that they advertise a Product that (allegedly) can be activated and worked within 12 minutes. Because it’s just about copying / pasting blanks, I think it would take more than 12 minutes to finish it all correctly. So I’m not a fan of the 12-minute selling chat. Rushing can only lead to errors
  • Email Autoresponder – Okay, you will need an autoresponder to handle your emails (so you can give your subscribers / customers promotional emails). You would need to pay for it individually. Remember that the 12-minute bundle does not include this. You can use Aweber, which costs $19/month for the first 500 users. The Aweber has a trial duration is 30 days and you can do it along with your 12-minute Affiliate trial period of 14 days. Yet you’ll get $19 a month for 30 days.

Paid Traffic – Yeah, the affiliate marketing campaign needs traffic to be successful and a 12 Minute affiliate has an optimized traffic source. You will purchase traffic from them to create a list and (hopefully) sell. Below are some things you need to know about your traffic strategy:-you’ll have to pay for traffic (you can still have free traffic, but you’ll have to search for it manually).

– No assurance can be provided that the traffic is a buyer (remember the disclaimer).

– You don’t know from where traffic will come (you are just bying from there system).

Upsells – As soon as you are inside the Member’s area, expect upsells. You chose from 2 choices for membership:

 – Basic membership: When you apply with them, you get the standard membership. The amount is $47  a month or $397  for a one-time fee.

 – Gold membership: this is a one-time subscription fee of $797 or $97 a month.

The biggest difference between membership in Basic and Gold is how many internet niches you will have. Do you remember the three niches that I listed before (Business at Home, Weight Loss, Personal Development)? You are only allowed 1 niche on the base membership site, but when you are a gold member you are admitted to all 3 niches.

  • Trial Period – 12 Minutes Affiliate let you check your product for 14 days (for $9.95). For more detail… They say you can keep the program for less than the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day if you enjoy the plan. You will need to spend $47 a month to keep using the System. So, now its time to discuss about some issue which you could face.

Possible Issues with 12 Minute Affiliate

While I think the 12 Minute Affiliate System is legit and not a scam, I have some possible issues. To be sure, all of these are challenges, for example CB Passive Income, that you see in other legacy systems. 

Some can do better than 12 minutes, but everywhere else is short. There are also no direct observations, but instead issues to take into account, so that you have a better view.

  1. You Are Totally Dependent on Their System – Although the whole affiliate marketing scheme is made simpler, you are still relying upon the method. Around it. If they leave, your online business will be gone with them.
  2. No Training – Think, the system does something for you. You don’t know. And you do not have the potential or experience to start your company again if the number one exists (they vanish or close).
  3. Is It for Newbies? – Is it Newbies’s? –I’don’t say 12 minutes for newbies ‘ affiliates were guaranteed (not in my experience, at least). I know you think it’s newborn-friendly (and in general it’s done for you), but you’ve got an choice to set up your team for you, should you not do that). For a few newbies, then… It’s not quick and a little more to get rolling, maybe you have to pay.

    Also, there’s no current market for newbies. Although you can buy traffic to build the audience-that’s the toughest part of the roll-out-services such as 12 Minutes membership are easier if social media or email list are already in place.

    Also, there’s no current market for newbies. Although you can buy traffic to build the audience-that’s the toughest part of the roll-out-services such as 12 Minutes membership are easier if social media or email list are already in place.

  4. Pre-Selected Products to Promote – I don’t even know whether you’re going to feel okay with promoting / selling items you haven’t selected, whether successful or not. I don’t know.

    As regards receiving, as chosen by Devon Brown and his team (which are experts of this kind), they are potentially extremely convertible. However, that does not mean that they are fantastic products which fulfill their promises.

  5. Limited Templates – For example, you will have a lot of models and choices to pick from, to make the site special, whether you can use designing your own platform using WordPress or ClickFunnels.

    For an associate of 12 minutes you have specific models for your landing page (so that every single participant is using the same landing pages).

  6. Competition is High – When the programs are done for you, you will be performing strongly with other 12 minute affiliates. So if everybody has the same traffic channel so landing pages (and uses them), you will sell the same goods to the same market using the same models.
  7. Unknown Traffic Source – I don’t even know where the partner 12 minutes gets its travel. As I said earlier, I have no cause to question Devon Brown’s credibility or reliability, but the cost of traffic is higher and the only way to figure out if it’s decent is to buy it first. For paying travel there are no refunds.
  8. Money to Spend – Regarding the last question, you have to have a big budget to buy traffic and get ahead of the competition. Note their warning–the money you bring into the program will be able to lose.

Once again… To be sure, other make-money-online services share all these problems. These are the things you want to take into consideration when reviewing any system, course or plan, if you just begin online Affiliate not even 12 minutes and in any case you don’t like this system and want back your money then this system is perfect because it gives 60 day monay back guarantee.


12 Minute Affiliate Gives Money-Back Guarantee- 12 Minute Affiliate Review

Of course, to get money back, you must spend it first and you may not be in a position right now to spend money. 

You will spend it first, to get it back so you might not be able to spend it right now.


If you do, you can even make money with free to access online survey pages.

Research firms such as Survey Junkie will pay you for your vote, and Swag Bucks is another website which rewards its members for small online tasks.

Naturally you’re not going to sit back all day on the beach or push a Lambo with online survey profits, but if you’ ve never made money online before they can be a quick start, which requires no sacrifices or a jump out of the comfort zone.

An online company may be what you’re searching for something more serious, like a full-time income from home.

Make money from home can be something you want owing, for example, to a health condition or babies. You might just be bored and look for something different every day.

If that is the case, it is what you need to learn how (and where) to continue and get what you want.


Now I’ll give you an online start-up guide step by step to make money, and you can do so by clicking HERE.

read some 12 minute affiliate customer complaints.

12 Minute Affiliate Review and Complaints

I found no negative reviews of the 12 minute company affiliate which accused it of a scam. Yet this is a Facebook debate in one of the posts by Devon Brown…

12 Minute Affiliate Review Reviews and Complaints

I believe this talk reveals more or less the truth behind the affiliate system of 12 minutes. While it can be legal, making money with it is still not so easy.


What I Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

  • Devon Brown has a strong reputation–I think a reputed person and his products / creations say a lot about a individual.
  • Legit commodity – In addition to providing a program that is designed for you, your membership also allows you access to your community groups through Facebook. It has more than a thousand users already–and you can certainly get a lot of help from the 12-minute affiliate system’s mates.
  • No website or hosting service is needed – landing pages (and hosting) are included in the kit.

12 Minute Affiliate Review 100K Affiliate Marketers Inner Circle

What I Don’t Like- 12 Minute Affiliate Review

  • No training  – You won’t get adequate instruction in how to build up your business from scratch.  
  • Costly-$ 47 a month is costly for your simple package, whether you consider email answering costs as well as… Traffic charges. Fee.

    Their program of gold at 97 dollars a month is much costlier.

  • You do not have your own Web site, your program and your hosting contract. This is good, on the one hand, because it makes the job easier. At the other hand, websites now are considered a strategic commodity, because if anything happens to a 12-minute partner, you are losing access to the one they sell.

Where Do You Go From Here?

As affiliate 12 minutes is a legal affiliate marketing company, I’m sure some people would do that. There should be one problem answered. The question is, is it for you?

This depends on your objectives, goals and actually… Your estimate budget.

You have know all of the benefits and drawbacks by reading this study. You do know the costs involved and you don’t promise the success. Nonetheless, if it fits commercially for you, you can be called a 12 minute partner.

So, for affiliate marketing the positive thing is that it works well. However, I do not generally accept that programs and other “shortcuts” are ineffective and unsustainable. For what’s worth, that’s all my two-cent.

What can’t make money online, it doesn’t mean…

You may be a college student or a family member at home. Health conditions can interfere with daily work. And, today like too many men… Perhaps what you have been doing for a lot of years and need a shift is just miserable.

If so, then what you want is an online service.

But learning how to get started and where to go is all you need to get to what you want with all the tricks and schemes.

Now I’ll give you an online start-guide step by step to make money, and you can do so by clicking HERE.

Another interesting place to continue is to search for a easy way to make some extra money, web surveys and pay-for-sites. So you should enter free of charge.

You can find blogs like Survey Junkie, where Swag Bucks gives rewards for items like viewing videos, browsing blogs where surfing the Web.

You’re not going to be rich, but if you’ve never made money online before, it might be a decent first move to bigger stuff like an online business.

If your thoughts, questions or observations with 12 minutes members, please post the comment section below. I am glad that my 12 minute membership review was useful.

Do we recommend 12 Minute Affiliate?


Thank you for taking the time to read through this 12 Minute Affiliate Review.
I hope it’s given you some more insight into the online platform.
So, the way to deposit $460 a day is 12 Minute Affiliate?
I believe, if you’re able to follow the steps, enforce the advice given to you and pay for
the traffic, then yes, it is very possible to earn $460 + a day with 12 Minute Affiliate.
Nonetheless, you need to realise, that you may not get the results you’re expecting right away.
Of example, there’s no assurance that the paid traffic you’ll get will be 100


percent focused, and you may not get the sales you were led to believe.

As described above, Affiliate Marketing is a business model that takes time to learn.

If that’s something you believe you can do, then I’d recommend you
to press the YELLOW button below to get this 12 Minute Affiliate

Get The Entire
12 Minute Affiliate
for Only $9.95


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Visitor Answer

P.S.:- Visitor Answer is a passion project, born with the aim of bringing out the true colors of today’s web hosting review where You can ask answers as well as you can give an answer other people's questions and most of the responses are moderated and the best and most important answers will be shown.

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