This Year Will Be The Year of 3clouds $ 0.11 /m | 3Clouds Review

3Clouds started in 2016 and in this post, you will read a complete review of 3Clouds. 3CLOUDS Is a full web solution business in India. The major service is Web Hosting Service with 24x7CloudHost. Web Hosting 3CLOUDS has various services including Web Design, Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Customized Software Development, SEO Service, etc. You don’t need to find any other company when you are with 3CLOUDS. Having more than 800+ satisfied customer 3CLOUDS becomes a great Web Solutions in India.

3clouds review
Year of 3clouds $ 0.11 /m | 3Clouds Review

First of All, We should know about the history of 3Clouds Host.

History Of 3Clouds Webhost

3Cloud is a cloud-based Microsoft Gold-certified Azure technology services company that delivers cloud strategy, design, execution, acquisition, and continuing managed services to our customers. We are headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Dallas.

3 clouds review
webpage of 3 clouds | 3Clouds Review

Coming to prices, they are not costing much compared to other sites like GoDaddy/ big rock, etc. They provide services at decent rates. Apart from hosting, they provide free services such as the SEO / Free LifeTime domain (unless you modify hosting to another business), etc., which they listed on their homepage.

The mission of 3clouds: Our mission is to provide you with the Ultimate Azure Experience – Enable your voyage to the Microsoft cloud with knowledge and flair.

Key points of 3clouds Review

Key points of 3clouds | 3Clouds Review
  • Regular Price
  • LiteSpeed Server
  • Website Host
  • Built-in Cache
  • SSD Only – General web hosting uses HDD which is super slow. But we use pure SSD all over our server! SSD is 10 times faster than HDD. Websites run faster with SSD Disks.
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • ✓ Spam Expert
  • ✓ Free SSL
  • ✓ Website Builder
  • ✓ Daily Backups
  • ✓ Lifetime Domain
  • Flat Renewal price
  • ✓ Instant Chat/Call
  • ✓ 30-day Money Back
  • All Plans on Cloud: If a hardware issue arises, the Site is automatically switched to another server.

3Cloud Host Is Very Valuable for Money

3Cloud Host Is Very Valuable for Money | 3Clouds Review

I have been with a lot of hosting providers, and when I came to know about a 3cloud (24/7 cloud host), I wondered can Someone offer this inexpensive hosting, I felt the urge to give it a try. That’s how it all started and their support and service is so great that now, I am suggesting a cloud host with every client of mine. If you ask me if you need a good value for cash and better service, go to 24x7CloudHost You’re never going to regret selecting them.

CHICAGO, IL June 6, 2019-3Cloud, a major consultant for Microsoft Azure, managed services firm, announced today that it has been named a finalist for Microsoft's 2019 Global Partner of the Year award for Datacenter Migration. The firm has been recognized among the world's leading Microsoft partners for showing excellence in innovation and the execution of alternatives based on Microsoft technology.
3Cloud named 2019 Microsoft Datacenter Migration Partner of the Year Finalist 

Quick Overview of 3Clouds Review

3clouds review
Quick Overview of 3Clouds | 3Clouds Review
  • Free Backup & Restore – Most hosting businesses charge extra for backup and restore backup services. We offer you complete, unlimited access to your daily backup via our web-based 1-click Restore Manager. Moreover, our 24/7 technical support is always ready to give you a hand if you need help restoring your website. Data security is most important in Web Hosting. While other web hosting companies charge you for backups and restore process, Our web hosting packages ENTERPRISE, PREMIUM and BUSINESS will provide you with free daily backups and restore. Our cloud backups run daily and take backups of your entire Cpanel. You can restore a single file or finish a Cpanel with just one click. Now you do not have to worry about data security and safety.
  • Free SSL Certificates – Most of the companies charge for SSL Certificates. But we’re here to provide you with free SSL for all of your websites. Your websites will operate as safe with SSL. You will gain trust with your visitors/customers. Also, In 2016 Google announce SSL enabled sites will get benefits from SEO ranking. Here 3CLOUDS provides you SEO friendly web hosting with SSL certificates. Install endless SSL certificates for each domain hosted on your account. While other companies charge you SSL for each website, we keep it free SSL forever.
  • Free Domain Name – Domain price is a pain for everyone because each year you have to renew the domain along with web hosting. But 3CLOUDS provides a free domain for Lifetime! Yes, it’s true. You do not have to pay for your domain with us. Buy web hosting package with ENTERPRISE or BUSINESS, you will get .com, .in, and .xyz domain absolutely free of cost. The renewal price of the domain remains free till you keep your hosting with 3CLOUDS.
  • Fixed Prices, No Surprises – Renew all your services on the same great price you signed up for with no hidden fees or contracts.
No Hidden Fees 3 Clouds have no hidden fees and no additional charges for any service.
Same price for renewalRenew all your services at the same excellent rates you’ve signed up for.
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee If for any reason our service does not match your expectations we will issue you a full refund.
  • Amazing Website Builder – cPanel Cloud Web Hosting comes with a free website builder. It helps you to create a website in minutes. Choose from 200+ pre-built templates. Full Drag and Drop Site Builder.E-commerce features with 30+ payment gateways. Build your eCommerce website and start collecting payments.
  • Immune360 Security – Imunify360 offers advanced firewall protection that uses herd immunity and artificial intelligence to detect fresh threats and safeguard all servers running the software. The firewall is capable of defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, and port scans. The firewall tightly integrates with mod_security web application firewalls to dramatically enhance its usefulness. In combination with WAF, we can stop the majority of web application attacks even before they start. An advanced Captcha system is employed to reduce false positives and make sure that valid customers can reach your website.

You Can Have Trafic Spikes with Fastest 3Cloud Hosting

Fastest 3Cloud Hosting | 3Clouds Review

3Cloud Cloud Hosting is most popular in recent years due to its reliability and flexibility. The cloud web hosting is designed to run websites or apps smoothly. Supports full page cache and data mirroring from multiple SSD Drives. All you get faster page speed and maximum uptimes.

  • Cloud Hosting is the latest technology for web hosting. We do not provide general web hosting like others. All of our servers are in cloud infrastructure. The advantages of cloud hosting is that you’ll get maximum up-time for your website, the super-fast enterprise-grade SSD delivers amazing read-write velocity that makes your website up-to-date. your site faster than anyone! We also use the LiteSpeed webserver for a built-in cache system. Your application runs smoothly!
  • 3Clouds are not just inexpensive but very good in tech support also. It’s got an excellent support team. The server of 3CLOUDS is a full cloud server. Hosted with 128 GB of RAM and simple SSD drives. Raid 10 technology gives you IOPS quicker and better than other hosting suppliers. The latest c Panel 11 gives you an amazing user experience with awesome features like SSH access, PHP version selector, php.ini editor

3Cloud Web Hosting Services

starts ₹15/month
Get Unlimited Cloud Hosting
with most known control
panel (cPanel). Packages comes
with SSD, daily backups, SSL
and full website protection.
(50% OFF right now)
starts ₹7.5/month
Comes with full LiteSpeed
Server, Optimized for Speed,
Free SSL Certificates, LS Cache
with Full Page cache supports.
Comes with SSD Raid 10.
(50% OFF right now)
starts ₹105/month
Host your customers websites
with seperate cPanel accounts.
Create, Manage, Suspend accounts
from WHM. Host unlimited websites.
Best for Agency, Developers.
starts ₹500/month
2 GB to 4 GB RAM
Fast SSD with RAID 10
Comes with free cPanel
Free SSL, Backups and 
Full website security.
Best for Business.
starts ₹1250/month

8GB to 60 GB RAM
200 GB to 1600 GB SSD
Powerful unmanaged VPS.
Free server setup with
Webuzo control Panel.
Good for bigger projects.
(17% OFF right now)
starts ₹399/year
Get domain registration 
with powerful DNS setup.
Lowest and fixed price.
Register a domain for your
website with DNS manage
and email forwarding.
Register domain today
(Lowest Price)

3Cloud Web Hosting Price

Best for Startup Business
first month
Best for Professional
Web sites
first month
Best for Static Websites
first month
3Cloud Web Hosting Price | 3clouds review

3Cloud Web Hosting (DirectAdmin) Price

3Cloud Web Hosting Price | 3clouds review

3Clouds are the WordPress Experts

3clouds review
3Clouds are the WordPress Experts | 3clouds review

  • Free Installation: We provide free application installation and a one-click installer for more than 400 open source applications.
  • Installation of free template & extension: Add additional characteristics and create a wonderfully-looking website with our free extension installation service.
  • Upgrade to Free Application: Keep your website up-to-date and safe with our free upgrade service.
  • Advice on Free Optimization: Do you need to optimize your WordPress site? Just offer us a shout and we’re free to audit your website and suggest modifications.

WordPress + LiteSpeed = 10x more fast

While other suppliers use only Apache servers, 3CLOUDS uses LiteSpeed technology for Optimized WordPress Hosting.

  • Built-in Premium Cache: We use LiteSpeed so, you just need to install LS Cache plugin from WordPress plugin directory. The plugin only works on the LiteSpeed server.
  • Auto Minify: With LiteSpeed + LS Cache plugin your all codes such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript will minifying automatically. It speeds up your WordPress website more than normal websites.
  • No need to buy cache plugins, save money: Many users buy Cache plugins for WordPress to speed up the website. In 3CLOUDS WordPress Hosting with LiteSpeed, you never have to spend money on premium plugins. It saves you around $50 per year.

WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Hosting

wordpress hosting litespeed
WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Hosting | 3Clouds Review

WordPress Hosting with LiteSpeed Cache (LS Cache) is the recent technology that allows the cache scheme on your WordPress site. You may try several cache plugins such as W3C Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, etc. But with LiteSpeed LS Cache is far better than any cache plugins. These cache plugins only work with LiteSpeed webserver. As we apply LiteSpeed Technology to our cloud hosting, this will increase your WordPress website. It will automatically minify your CSS, JavaScript, HTML and optimize images as well.

Our WordPress Hosting with LiteSpeed saves you a lot of money too. You do not have to buy premium cache plugins to speed up your WordPress websites. It can handle more than two thousand requests per second. 

3clouds Reseller Web Hosting Price

3clouds review
3clouds Reseller Web Hosting Price | 3Clouds Review

3clouds VPS Web Hosting Price

3clouds review
3clouds VPS Web Hosting Price | 3Clouds Review


3Clouds Business Hosting with free cPanel

3clouds review

Business Web Hosting with Cloud Server. Here we are providing industry leading control panel to manage your websites easily. With cPanel you can manage your website from any device! All the features are equipped with our latest cPanel. Take a look on the demo below!

3Clouds Business Hosting Features

Fully Cloud Infrastructure for your Business. Get Cloud Web Hosting and supercharge your business. The technology behind the business hosting is more advanced than any other hosting provider. Get LiteSpeed API with Varnish cache for best performance.

Dedicated Resources

All our Business Hosting comes with highly dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, disk, Speed, I/O and more. All the resources are reserved for you.

Fast SSD with Raid 10

This Business Hosting equipped with superfast SSD disks on RAID 10 instead of raid 1. It will improve read/write speed of your website data and files.

CloudLinux OS

Powered by CloudLinux premium OS which is more secure and stable than any other free operating systems. With Cloudlinux CageFS your files are secure.

Varnish Cache

We use Varnish cache for faster content delivery. Your static files such as html, JS, css will load faster than ever. All files are auto optimized.

LiteSpeed API

LiteSpeed Mod Lsapi is the new technology to process php requests. It is stable and fster than PHP-FPM or PHP-CGI. Your WordPress will runs faster.

Imunify360 Security

Your website is fully secure with us. Imunify360 scans your all files including mails and automatically remove all the malwares. More secure environment!

Imunify Security is the best choice for web hosting companies who are serious about security. 

With an integrated and modular organisation, Imunify360 meets your requirements and helps you provide a safe and reliable web hosting service. It’s multi-layered defense architecture ensures precision targeting and eradication of malware and viruses.

  • Proactive Defense proprietary technology prevents recognized and unknown Imunify360 malware continuously analyses scripts and recognizes dangerous behaviors in them in real time. It prevents fresh and old malware from operating on your servers in the first location.
Unlimited Bandwidth

With 1 GBPS internet connection, All our hosting package provides unconditional unmetered bandwidth. Now you do not have to worry about visitors!

Free Daily Backups

Our offsite backup system take backup of your entire cpanel. You can restore the backups anytime you want. Even, you can restore a single files too.

Free SSL Certificates

Get unlimited numbers of SSL certificates for your every domain hosted with us. All SSL is 256bit stranded encryption. No extra cost for SSL certificates.

Same Renewal Price

Many suppliers have increased the renewal cost by more than 400 percent. But our price structure is transparent as you see on our website. There are no price hikes while renew.

Moneyback Guarantee

Get benefits of 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee with all hosting packages. If you do not satisfied with our service, we will refund your money!

24×7 Premium Support

Get 24×7 Premium support with our hosting experts. No matter what time is it, we are always here to help you with your website issues.

Advantages of Using 3Clouds Webhost

Advantages of Using 3Clouds Webhost | 3Clouds Review

3clouds provides Free Website Builder

Get web hosting with shopping cart. Build a website is tough without knowing to code. Here India’s best web hosting provides you free drag and drop website builder. Now create a website in minutes with the easy website builder. Not just you can build a website for your business, even you can create a shopping website with payment integration. Our drag and drop website builder is the most comfortable and simple application to use.

Use our free website builder to construct your own website. We’re providing fully responsive, mobile-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder create your website for free! Why you should buy a website builder from others when all are free with 3CLOUDS? Start Cloud Hosting today!

3clouds Gives30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

We provide 30 days money-back guarantee to all customers. If you don’t satisfied with our service, you can claim your money within 30 days and we will refund you without any question.


3Clouds Provide 24×7 Premium Support Always Free

While others provide only hosting associated technical support, we give complete assistance for your services and websites. We can manage application facilities, web transfers and much more. Need an optimization guide? Just drop us a ticket and we will check your website and advise you the necessary steps.

Free Lifetime Domain for New Users:

Most hosting companies may charge you every year for your domain name. But we are not! Get ENTERPRISE Hosting and get a free domain for a lifetime! Yes, we don’t ever charge your for your domain name.The renovation is completely free and automatic when you renew your hosting. Choose from between .COM,IN .CO.IN and.XYZ extension to get a free domain.

Do We Recommend 3Clouds?

Yes, we do.

3Cloud Web Hosting
 is most popular in recent years due to its reliability and flexibility. The cloud web hosting is designed to run websites or apps smoothly. Supports full-page cache and data mirroring from multiple SSD Drives. All you get faster page speed and maximum uptimes.

There is 50% OFF on all the Plans rIght Now, and you can get an extra discount on each plan below.

Buy 1 Year 
30% OFF code FESTIVE30

Buy 2 Years 40% OFF code FESTIVE40

Buy 3 Years 50% OFF code FESTIVE50


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P.S.:- Visitor Answer is a passion project, born with the aim of bringing out the true colors of today’s web hosting review where You can ask answers as well as you can give an answer other people's questions and most of the responses are moderated and the best and most important answers will be shown.

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