Everything You Need To Know About Hostgator Review.

Hostgator is another hosting website which provides hosting at a good price in my review, Hostgator is one of the oldest web hosting providers and is trustworthy. 

This online web hosting provider not only provides the hosting for different price and different terms but it also offers a great detail with templates of websites, Honestly, for anyone who’s willing to buy a web hosting and then trying to create a website, It would be better if they buy the hosting first, and then they can easily use the website’s templates for instantly creating a website on the go, just by using Cpanel(control panel) of Hostgator.

First of All, Let’s take a Quick Overview of Hostgator Review | Hostgator Review

Quick Overview of Hostgator Review

Hostgator Hosting review
Quick Overview of Hostgator Review

Key Features

  • ✓ Unmetered Disk Space
  • ✓ Unmetered Bandwidth
  • ✓ Free SSL
  • ✓ SSH Access, CGI
  • ✓ PHP5, RoR, Python, Cron
  • ✓ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • ✓ 45-day Money Back
Pros Cons
  • Ease of use – As usual with EIG products, their registration process is confusing and packed with expensive add-ons that you most likely don’t need. If you have previously used a cPanel hosting service, you will discover the familiar HostGator scheme. Be conscious that if you cancel your account, it will have an instant impact and your hosting package (and website) will disappear even if you have a few months remaining on your agreement.
  • Plenty of storage: All schedules come with infinite storage, though not more than 250,000 should be all of your documents coupled.
  • Flexible terms: Hosting schedules on base 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months can be bought.
  • Many programming languages: One of the suppliers of hosting that promotes more languages. All PHP, Ruby On Rails, Python and Perl are permitted.
  • E-mailAll plans for HostGator come with infinite email accounts and storage of emails. However, sending bulk messages is not appropriate as you will be limited to 500 messages per hour.
  • Database-You can have the same number of databases you need. Your database size is also not restricted. *
  • Fast hosting: In our velocity trials, they conducted well.
  • Unmetered bandwidth: They’re not limiting the traffic you can get from your location.
  • Security features – To safeguard you from hacker assaults (e.g. DDoS), HostGator has a custom firewall. But they don’t reveal too much about what they are doing, I don’t think they’re going to offer it back. They provide free SSL certificates and access to SSH. You can add an internal paid phone (SiteLock) if you want additional safety. To discover safety problems, this instrument will scan and monitor your documents.
  • Uptime – I believe HostGator should give a little more after months of tracking their uptime. Over the past few months, they have achieved an uptime of 99.94 percent.
  • Tricky prices and fees: First word very inexpensive costs and renovation costly. If you need to recover from one of their backups, $25 will be paid.
  • Domain name–HostGator does not include a domain name for free–a.com domain name costs $12.95 in the first year and a whopping $17.99 after the renewal date. You are allowed 1 domain name (1 website) with the Hatchling plan, and unlimited domain names with the Baby and Business plan. With any of the 3 schemes, subdomains are endless.
  • Constant upsells: their backend is filled with useless upsell alternatives like many other EIG products.
  • Uptime might be better: their uptime should be improved.
  • Poor backups: If you don’t pay for an add-on, only 1 backup is available.
    Missing sophisticated characteristics: For instance, staging areas are not available and there is no integrated server-side caching scheme.
  • Unreliable support: I sometimes discovered myself waiting to connect with the help group for more than 30 minutes.
  • Server Location-All of HostGator’s data centers are in the US: Texas and Utah. This is not optimal for non-US public initiatives.
  • Backups-Once a week, HostGator will back up your database, but only if your account is less than 20 GB (and 100,000 inodes). Sadly, only one backup is maintained–insane. Most other suppliers give a more intelligent backup strategy. You will need to buy a 3rd party alternative (depending on CodeGuard) with HostGator. You can set up and download your own backup via cPanel.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)-The CDN is not provided by HostGator. However, an enclosed alternative like CouldFlare can be connected.
  • Refunds and Guarantees-A 45-day money-back policy arrives with HostGator. You’re not going to get your cash back for domain names, be conscious that this will only apply for hosting facilities. They also make sure your uptime will not be less than 99.9 percent and you will be paid if it gets below.

When to Use HostGator Hosting?

When to Use HostGator Hosting? | Hostgator Review

For those searching for a supplier that does not assess the bandwidth and is friendly with storage, HostGator’s shared hosting is.

If you are looking to use other programming languages for PHP, it’s also a good match. It is permitted to use Perl, Python and Ruby On Rails.

I believe HostGator personally provides the greatest EIG hosting service I’ve attempted. However, I believe you could use stronger options at comparable rates (e.g. SiteGround/DreamHost).

When Not to Use HostGator Hosting?

When Not to Use HostGator Hosting? | Hostgator Review

Despite being a quick supplier with a user-friendly interface, I fear it is not appropriate for bigger initiatives. No internet shops or enthusiastic bloggers for hosting-dependent initiatives.

Their low levels of uptime can punish your attempts at SEO, and assistance may be frustrating at moments. But the most worrying fact for me is that they don’t have a backup system–sorry, but for most people, one weekly backup doesn’t cut it.

Who is Good for Hostgator?

Who is Good for Hostgator? | Hostgator Review

HostGator is a common alternative with modest internet hosting requirements for individual customers and tiny companies. In reality, 72% of HostGator’s customers are firms with fewer than 50 staff.

This explains why shared hosting is common with tiny companies: low-traffic sites can work with less room and at a reduced price.

Hostgator Website Builder Design to be Easy

Hostgator Website Builder Design to be Easy | Hostgator Review

Use their built-in website builder tool to easily build a wonderful website. Select from more than 100 mobile-friendly templates, to begin with. Furthermore, construct using easy drag & drop technology, take benefit of pre-constructed segments and websites to promote your internet layout, and even get 6 ready-made websites to begin with.

Some Features of Hostgator

Some Features of Hostgator | Hostgator Review
  • SEO instruments for stronger search engine performance
  • Social media integration
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • HD video embedding
  • Removal of branding
  • Google Analytics
  • E-commerce shopping cart and inventory management
  • Coupon codes

HOSTGATOR WEBSITE BUILDER Use their built-in website builder tool to easily build a wonderful website. Select from more than 100 mobile-friendly templates, to begin with. Furthermore, construct using easy drag & drop technology, take benefit of pre-constructed segments and websites to promote your internet layout, and even get 6 ready-made websites to begin with.

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting

Hostgator review
Hostgator Shared Web Hosting | Hostgator Review

We suggest the shared hosting offers of HostGator if you’re searching for your tiny blog. You can appreciate discounted rates on all mutual hosting packages if you register for 36 months. The most inexpensive scheme is the $3.95/month Hatchling.

The other two schemes are valued at $5.95/month in this range (Baby plan and Business schedule). Both schemes provide infinite domain hosting and unmetered bandwidth, but the business plan also involves a Free Positive SSL, a devoted Free IP, and a Free VOIP phone service. Also accessible are Windows shared hosting alternatives beginning at $4.76/month.


Hostgator review

You can opt for one of the three cloud storage plans offered from as small as $4.95/month if you need quicker storage and more money. These schemes have the benefits of speeding up load times, scalability, data mirroring, embedded caching, and security against failover. The scheme with the most assets in this range combines 6 GB of RAM, 6 key CPU, free beneficial SSL, and free devoted IP, as high as $9.95 per month.

Hostgator WordPress Cloud Hosting

Hostgator review
Hostgator WordPress Cloud Hosting | Hostgator Review

HostGator’s optimized WordPress schemes are also based on cloud architecture, which gives these plans an additional speed boost. Low-density servers, various caching layers, and integrated CDN ensure faster rates. Plans begin at only $5.95 per month.

If you operate a WordPress page, you may be looking for a host to assist you to get the most out of your system. You may be able to get away with using a conventional shared hosting scheme when your location is tiny.

But when your WordPress platform starts to evolve, you’re going to want a hosting scheme that will fully encourage your website creation while improving your page’s effectiveness and security.

HostGator provides a very extensive hosting alternative for WordPress. They host millions of worldwide WordPress locations. Here are some of the characteristics that are most helpful:

  • Incredibly quick hosting speeds are 2.5 times quicker than hosting shared.
  • A scalable cloud hosting backend with elevated security rates and simple scalability.
  • The included gateway provides a very simple website, email, file, and database governance.
  • Robust safety functions, including regular searches of malware and spyware, WordPress-specific
  • safety characteristics, and automatic backups when you need to return a website.
  • With real-time mobile assistance, a devoted 24/7 support group.

VPS (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Network | Hostgator Review

We suggest HostGator’s VPS schemes, which begin at $19.99/month, for devoted command and scalability. These VPS schemes are a secure option for experts or company customers with complete root access, devoted assets, complete suite of development instruments, sophisticated features, and friendly backups.

VPS hosting is an excellent option for those who have outgrown shared hosting but are not yet prepared to upgrade to a dedicated server. VPS hosting uses server virtualization technology to build a dedicated server environment while maintaining very small expenses.

If you need to support greater or scaling traffic levels, VPS hosting is a great choice, but you don’t want to invest in the higher monthly charges with a devoted server.

You also get very quick efficiency, upgraded storage and safety from VPS hosting, plus the capacity to rapidly scale your hosting assets. This can be invaluable if the traffic rates of your site proceed to increase.

Hostgator Dedicated Hosting

hostgator dedicated server pros and cons
Hostgator Dedicated Hosting | Hostgator Review

The most solid and resource-packed hosting choice accessible at HostGator is dedicated servers starting at $119/month. You can decide whether you have HDD or SSD storage or Windows and Linux OS. Depending on your experience, you can select managed or semi-managed servers.

The scheme with the most assets in this category is the Enterprise server that offers Intel Xeon-D CPU 8 Core/16 Thread, 30 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD storage, and unmetric bandwidth.

One of the most costly types of storage across the board is dedicated to server storage. But you get access to a whole physical computer with the greater monthly charges to do whatever you want.

Dedicated hosting generally requires a greater amount of technical skill to truly maximize your server configuration, but at the stage where you are.

This hosting style is definitely more in the nature of the niche, as most websites will not develop big enough to need their own dedicated server.

However, if your location is big enough (and you have the technical funds to help and keep a devoted server), then this hosting style offers a ton of advantages. You will get incredibly quick efficiency, very elevated safety levels, close to unlimited server customization, and a mad quantity of storage, for instance.

HostGator is famous for its high-performance server plans and reviews. Plus, you can choose your server’s Linux or Windows operating schemes. Not only that, but you can use the intuitive cPanel web application to handle your server atmosphere.

Hostgator review
Hostgator Reseller Hosting

HostGator offers reseller plans starting at $19.95/month with simple white labeling, cPanel, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and a 45-day money-back guarantee if you want to begin your own tiny hosting company or deliver internet hosting as a supplementary service on your website.

Advantage of Using Hostgator

Advantage of Using Hostgator | Hostgator Review

1. Hostgtor cPanel & Software Options

CPanel is the software running the backend of your server. It’s what you’re logging into when you want to create a website, and so on. Using cPanel is a enormous pro –because it’s open source (no business owns it), and it’s kind of the sector norm, so it’s got loads of paperwork, and you can get assistance anywhere on the internet besides HostGator.

It’s a big distinction from GoDaddy (and 1&1 and other clients) who have their own backends.

They are a little easier to use, but for support you are totally dependent on them–and they can be very restrictive and frustrating in what you can and can not do. For example, you couldn’t edit file permissions with GoDaddy via FTP until very recently. If you design a website, it’s really awkward and time consuming.

CPanel is a large plus–not to mention that the client manual of WordPress often only says you are operating cPanel.

If you’re curious, this is what the cPanel feels like in HostGator. It has loads of choices, but it also puts at the front and middle the most used ones (e.g. notice the gigantic WordPress icon at the bottom).

Hostgator review

2. Hostgator Gives Free Site & cPanel Migrations

If this is not your first location and you are attempting to relocate over a current one, HostGator has your back.

Also, if you use the service for the first time, you can take benefit from the amount of one-click installations they give. Installing a CMS on your website will only require you to click a few buttons and enter your website name.

These instruments and facilities create getting your project off the floor very simple, even if you have no technical abilities.

You will have to get in contact 30 days after sign-up and get them to assist you to transfer any web documents, databases, scripts, and even a domain name.

All you need to do is sign up for hosting, and all the technical measures will be taken care of by your team.

This involves a complete transfer of cPanel. So if you’ve had various site installations (like one big site subdomains), you’re coated.

All shared feeding schemes of HostGator arrive with the inclusion of a single location (or cPanel) migration. Different schemes will have access to more (up to 30), such as resellers.

Compared to some hosts, single free website migration is not much. But that will cost $150 for relocating up to five locations at a moment is still better than others, like Bluehost.

3. Security features of Hostgator Review

The mutual accommodation schemes of HostGator are quite bare-bones. You get enough on top of it for one location, but not a few extras.

If you want additional safety, you can add an internal paid phone (SiteLock). To discover safety problems, this instrument will scan and monitor your documents.

In their email schemes, they also give Spam Assassin to assist avoid spam from reaching your inbox first.

The only downside is that you will get a little additional price from SiteLock. In the Cons, we’re going to grow on this, but the sticker cost is $1.67/mo, priced at $19.99 annually.

To safeguard you from hacker assaults (e.g. DDoS), HostGator has a custom firewall. But they don’t reveal too much about what they are doing, I don’t think they’re going to offer it back. They provide free SSL and SSH access records.

Hostgator Premium Services.

They give some outstanding premium facilities to clients in their budget for those with a little wiggle space.


With the CodeGuard service from HostGator, you obtain characteristics like:

  • Daily automatic backups on the cloud
  • 16GB of storage
  • Use on up to 5 websites
  • Unlimited databases and files
  • 3 restores per month
  • Email notifications for unauthorized changes
  • Easy management – view changes, schedule site monitoring, and manage email alerts

This premium service is well worth the tiny cost starting at $2.00/month.


SiteLock Website Security, which can be purchased on HostGator’s website during checkout, is a cloud-based service that claims to protect your site from various threats.

SiteLock’s protection systems provide periodic inspections to detect malware, bot attacks, and other vulnerabilities. Better yet, the scans are automated.

Would the price be worth it?
SiteLock’s reviews are mixed. The safety of those fresh to the internet like the ease of mind it provides. Experienced webmasters insist that it does not provide services that you can not do on your own.

Take some time to check normal internet security processes to know if you feel comfortable bringing it on yourself.

List of some useful features offered when you checkout at Hostgator.

 4. Hostgator Provide Fast Server Response Time

If you haven’t heard by now, here at visitor Answer, we really like our web hosting to be fast. SUPER fast.

And here’s where HostGator caught our attention.

US (W) US (E) London Singapore Sao Paulo
32 ms 36 ms 221 ms 221 ms 139 ms
Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
717 ms 205 ms 153 ms 36 ms 140 ms

Considering that they have only 2 data centers (both located in the U.S.), HostGator has been able to perform really well in Sao Paolo, Sydney, and Japan, all achieving response times below 205 ms.

They did well in Singapore and London (221 ms) but lagged a bit over in Bangalore at 717 ms (if you’re studying this from India, it’s best to be evident.

5. Is the Uptime Good of HostGator?

For instance, hosting suppliers have some service interruptions when they need to restart the servers in order to finish an update.

If the interruptions in operation are not frequently and brief, no issue. But if your hosting supplier is continually down and takes back up indefinitely, you will be adversely impacted–poor customer experiences imply reduced conversion levels and downtime also disappoint search motors


HostGator Uptime
Hostgator Uptime

Your uptime should be at or above 99.95 percent. In other words, less than 0.05 percent of the moment your storage supplier should be down–about 4 hours a year.

They ensure an uptime of 99.9 percent, not unlike many hosting suppliers. Add to that, for any downtime below 99.9 percent of your website experiences, they will reward you one month of service, emphasizing the reality that they are serious about running your website.

Read the term: The warranty relates only to the connection issues generated by their server and does not cover regular server service. The promise will be achieved as quickly as their servers can deliver your content.

If your site doesn’t work due to an issue at your end (i.e. problems with your site or content), it doesn’t matter.

6. Hostgator Gives Good service + Optimal service

HostGator guarantees the uptime of 99.9 percent (i.e. 8 downtime hours per year). So far, I had no one. In the past, however, HostGator had its problems (particularly in August 2013). That’s likened to GoDaddy–which ensures the same thing, and in 1 month I had recorded 8 hours (not to mention the latest DNS hack). When a mining post went viral–within an hour, HostGator addressed over 10,000 + fresh meetings on my computer.

Speaking of DNS–that was the subject of one of my relationships with the employees of HostGator support.

HostGator promises and offers 24x 7x 365 service. I transferred the design page from my HostGator to the host of my client–and I had a technical issue (it turned out to be a mistake I had done) at 2 am I logged in to chat–and yeah, my requests were replied immediately. Fabulous.

Now–as I stress in all my web hosting reports–it’s difficult to assess client assistance based on any reviews… because all assessments are anecdotal. You never understand whether you’ve had a poor day with their one rockstar or their one rookie.

That said–I offer them a decent rating for general client assistance considering the number of helplines and the magnitude of HostGator’s knowledge base, both of which I use as a “proxy” for savings in client assistance.

7. Transfer Service, QuickInstall & Onboarding.

The real beginning is one of the most daunting components of setting up a website.

HostGator has plenty of channels to get you on the correct foot to start. I have used various times their file transfer service and QuickInstall scripts. Was that nice?

They also have a generous money-back (45 days) guarantee.

8. Everything is Unmetered

The plans of HostGator offer everything unmetered except the Hatchling Plan, which provides everything infinite, but caps your domain names at 1.

It’s a large deal. Unmetered databases mean you can have as many installations as you want on WordPress.

  • Unmetered domains (on Baby and Business plans) implies that on 1 plan you can have literally infinite websites (my websites cost cents, not host dollars because I have so many on 1 plan).
  • Unmetered bandwidth implies you can scale, not worry about #of visitors (although every shared host will crash if you’re on CNN’s front page, and millions of people will all arrive at once).
  • Unmetered email accounts–if you need that.

And then there are infinite subdomains and FTP accounts–so you can provide a amount of individuals with safe access.

Now–the thing is here. HostGator suggests “unmetered” because on finite servers they still work with finite funds. You share room with other websites on a server. But–the point is that before your shared server is used up, they don’t artificially restrict your funds.

The knock-on effect here is that they are likely to have more websites on their servers than other hosting businesses. And that can have an effect on their general results. But–this configuration is okay for a use situation like myself where I have several tiny projects that need to minimize expenses.

In fact – it’s great because I don’t even need to plan or think about how to allocate my databases /

My account’s domains. I am just doing.

Disadvantage of Using Hostgator

Hostgator Reviews Complaints?

HostGator is a versatile internet host with hosting plans across the entire hosting range, but there are some minor drawbacks to consider:

  • long engagement periods–discounted rates are only accessible if you commit for a few years to HostGator;
  • no Windows-based VPS hosting;
  • no free domain registration.

While most budget hosts offer one year of free domain registration, HostGator decided to forgo free domain registration in favor of providing other significant freebies such as free website transfer or free weekly backups.

  • Offerings unlimited” are conditional.
    “Unlimited domains” do not apply to the Hatching scheme; “unlimited bandwidth” does not apply if you breach their Service Terms.
  • Costly domains.
    When signing up, HostGator does not give a free domain, and domain registration on HostGator expenses more than other locations.
  • It’s not straightforward pricing.
    The small monthly cost of HostGator seems attractive until you know that the discount is valid only for the 3-year payment period.
  • Limited some features.
    On HostGator, daily backups are not free, as update to key documents, plug-ins or topics, and certain safety measures.

Do we recommend Hostgator?

Not really.

But not for the reason you’re probably thinking.

The shared hosting of HostGator does give a lot of advantages. The uptime has actually enhanced over the last year or so. The service to the client was nice. And the plethora of beginner-friendly alternatives makes it user-friendly.

However, a mixture of slow speeds and additional price hikes makes it too costly to be considered a good value.

The reason we wouldn’t suggest it, though, is because they have a better shop choice that actually delivers good value.

HostGator’s WordPress Cloud hosting is originally a little more costly on paper. But efficiency is also significantly better, too.

So we’d recommend looking at that one, first, because you’re probably going to end up paying the same at the end of the day when you throw in those extra fees and price increases.


Visitor Answer

P.S.:- Visitor Answer is a passion project, born with the aim of bringing out the true colors of today’s web hosting review where You can ask answers as well as you can give an answer other people's questions and most of the responses are moderated and the best and most important answers will be shown.
Visitor Answer

Visitor Answer

P.S.:- Visitor Answer is a passion project, born with the aim of bringing out the true colors of today’s web hosting review where You can ask answers as well as you can give an answer other people's questions and most of the responses are moderated and the best and most important answers will be shown.

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