How to do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon? | A Beginner’s Guide

How to do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon
How to do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

Making money online can be a tough task as it isn’t a toddler’s game. Everyone in this field want to be the best but it becomes very difficult for the newbies to look for what to do to earn loads of money. You’ve landed up at the right place to learn how to do affiliate marketing with Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is basically doing efforts to promote a product and giving traffic to a product based website and then get paid a commission if the customer who you sent buys a product from that website or in simple words we can say getting commission for giving them customers.

There are many companies out there giving you affiliate programs but can’t beat Amazon in terms of wealth and the quantity and quality of goods they have. Almost each and every individual is aware of the term Amazon knowing that items from a to z are available there.

The excellent services ranging from delivery to after sales makes it on of the most demanded websites and if you promote something which they need, then they will definitely go to the link and make a purchase.

Now the question arises that how you will do it. Here is a step by step guide on how to set everything up from scratch and start your own affiliate website.

This post is going to be big but worth reading so leave everything because I want all of your undivided attention.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

The Amazon Affiliate Program, or Amazon Associates, is an affiliate marketing program which allows owners of websites, blogs, social media influencers and developers to earn money from Amazon, by recommending a product to the users on their platform.

As soon as you have an approved Amazon Associate account, you can start making affiliate links and recommend products to your audience from your blogs, channel, account and earn a handsome amount of commission.

I will explain you in detail about everything you will need to set up an Associate account and making links to earn commission.

Important Note– Amazon Affiliate Program and Amazon Associate Program is the same, so don’t get confused between the two.

Why Choose Amazon?

Why Choose Amazon?
Why Choose Amazon?
  1. A Highly Reputed Brand

Amazon is a massive brand with an immense brand value. Online shopping means shopping from Amazon for most of the people.

And so is the Amazon Affiliate Program, with such huge earning possibilities no one can deny the fact that an affiliate can find anything from a to z here. Making money online is basically making people to trust you and if they do then only they’ll make a purchase.

Amazon has such a great goodwill that people wont even think twice before clicking the link if it is associated with Amazon.

  • Almost every commodity is available

With such a hug commodity base, Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce website. This gives the affiliates a wide range of niche choosing opportunity and plus gives them immense commodities to choose from in a single niche too.

  • Highly Supportive

Its not like that Amazon has imposed the responsibility of sales on you and the company is just running on relying on affiliates only. They have a marketing team too.

They make sure that the person entering their site make a purchase and if he/she leaves their cart with some items unattended, then Amazon will follow up with mails and notifications and remind them of the things they had to buy.

  • Very reliable and safe

Amazon is considered very reliable and safe to the customers and the affiliates too. This is something we love the most about Amazon.

Whenever we think of buying something online, we think of Amazon because it ensures you 100% privacy with no leaking of data. There are a lot of affiliates out there working and sending audience to websites and often they are left unpaid. With Amazon you’re not going to face any problems regarding the payments. If you’ve earned it you’ll get it.

  • Extended benefits

Affiliate Marketing is sending customers to a website and convincing them to buy a product and get a commission for that sale. Buy here with Amazon, you will not only get commission for the product you’ve referred but also for every product that person buys within a time limit (24 hours).

Isn’t is cool? Getting paid for every product. So basically, you need to send audience, rest you can leave it to Amazon.

  • Simple and supportive

The Amazon Affiliate Program is knows for its simple, user-friendly and engaging web plug-ins and you can use them to earn money from even your social media accounts by just promoting them. This can be as easy as making a coffee if you have a good social media base.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Cookies helps at times

Cookies? These are not the one you eat, but might help you to earn more so that you can buy more cookies. HAHA. These cookies store the data for around 90 days if the customer adds the item to the cart.

Even if the customer doesn’t add the commodity to the cart immediately and exits the website, you will still get the commission if the customer buys anything within 24 hours of clicking the link. See told ya!

  • The convincing power

With the best marketing professionals out the working for Amazon, you will get the best quality banners so that the people are forced into clicking that banner. And once they click the banner, cookies do the rest of the work for you.

Why Not To Choose Amazon?

Why Not Choose Amazon?
Why Not Choose Amazon?
  1. Low commission rates

They may provide almost every item out there in the market but the commission rate that you get is not up to the mark as compared to other sites.

Although in some niche Amazon does not give commission like the other websites do but when you talk about the customer base and the reach, Amazon has no competitor out there roaming even close.

  • They don’t love PayPal

This might be something worth considering. If you are someone who uses PayPal very often, then it will be a problem with you because when it comes to payday, they wont transfer it in your PayPal account.

This might be a problem for US people buy they can see a lot of alternatives for this problem.

  • Cookies are for shorter period (24 hours)

As you all know from the merits section that Amazon remembers customer you send till 90 days if they add the item to their cart, but if they don’t add anything to their cart then you get only 24 hours of time to get a commission if the customer makes a purchase which is very less as compared to other sites which give cookies for 30 days.

What are the Things You Need to Start Earning Commission?

What are the Things You Need to Start Earning Commission?
What are the Things You Need to Start Earning Commission?

So here is the thing. If you want to make money then you will have to give some input to your own business. The first comes your knowledge but that’s not all. You need to see how to implement it in the best possible way.

Here is the basic things you need in order to know How to do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

  1. A full focused mindset

This is the first thing you need because its not like you’re gonna start today and you will get your first sale tomorrow. You need to set everything up and will have to gather audience to your website.

There will be a need to make your website worth watching and will have to see that your content is so convincing that it is actually helping people to click on the ads. Creating that sense of trust in customer’s mind is very essential.

The content you make should have an impact on the customer that even if he is confused about the product, he will become sure about what he is going into and will click on that link with full confidence.

  • A niche to work on

This is one of the most important things to see as every niche has a difference audience base and you need to see which product you have to target. There are a lot of niche in the market which are already marketed by the big affiliates.

If you are new, I will recommend looking for some niche which are not very much targeted but is in demand. This will help you rank your page a lot faster which will further help you to generate sale and get your first commission.

  • A platform to showcase (Website, blog, social media handles)

 This is obvious that you need a platform to showcase your product and a place to put an affiliate link to. This can be anything like a website, a blog, a social media handle or anything whichever you think you’re comfortable with.

If you already have a nice social media base then why would you start all over again by creating a website. Do it there only. If you have a blog which is read by people then put up links there.

But to take it in mind that whatever you do should be genuine. If you promote any product saying something and it does not fulfil the buyer’s demand, then you will be in trouble. Don’t worry he is not going to harm you obviously but it will harm your goodwill and you’ll lose the customer and every customer he would have referred if the product had been genuine.

  • A lot of hard work

If you already have a customer base then you’ll have to work hard to make some posts to convince them to buy that and to increase the customer base.

And if you’re totally new in this field with not audience base then you need to give a lot of input to set up a base. You need to write posts on reviews, products, etc. to make your site look presentable and then marketing. You need to do a lot of SEO to rank your website.

But this work is for starting only. Once you have ranked your website then also you need to work but you can give it a little less time as compared to before, which is totally up to you.

How to Enroll Into Amazon Affiliate Program?

Now its time to create your own Amazon Affiliate account

Step 1: Login into your account

  • Visit the Amazon Associates home page and click “Join Now for free”.
  • You will be prompted to a page to login with you existing Amazon Account or create a new one

Step 2: Build you Amazon Associates Account

Now as you have logged in you Amazon Account, you need to fill up the details for you Amazon Associates Account which are as follows:

  • Enter your account info
  • Add your mobile app, website, YouTube channel, etc.
  • Add your store id which is basically your website name only.

This is basically used to keep a track record of the audience that you’ve sent and the commission to be paid.

There are some basic options too which  you will have to fill according to the website you’re handling.

  • Explain how you drive traffic to your website

In this option you need to select the ways you use to drive traffic to your website and how do you utilize you website or mobile apps to generate income

  • Enter you phone number

Now you need to enter your phone number and wait for Amazon to call you for the one time password which you need to enter in the space provided to confirm you phone number.

  • Choose your payment method

Now here you need to enter how you want Amazon to pay you.

Now as soon as you are through with this step, then you will proceed to your dashboard where you can start making links.

Here you are with your own Amazon Associates Account. Congratulations. Now you just need to make links and add them to your website.

How Much Commission Can You Earn?

There are a lot of nice out there to choose from and commission depends on the type of niche and product that you’re targeting and promoting

Obviously, they cannot give the same commission rate on every product.

Here is the commission rate list.

Now here is the thing. You see that star on “Mobile Phones”? That’s where the interesting part begins.

Mobile Phones which are launched recently or are in very demand have 1% fixed commission ratebecause they are already in trend and are getting sold very quickly.

These are the mobile phones with 1% fixed commission or as you say Advertising Fee. This data is of April, 2020 and the Mobile Phones are updated on a regular basis.

How to Promote Products in Your website?

Once you are through with making your Amazon Associates Account, promoting products is a piece of cake for you. Still I will tell you how to add links to your website and add commission to your account.

 Here is how your Amazon Associates Account’s homepage will look like. There are a lot of options to promote a product. Either you look for a product and then search that product in the search box. Then create a link and add it inside the posts of your website.

Or either you can scroll down and see that there are products that are under the heading “best selling” and from there you can choose the products you want to promote.

Then you can go back to doing the normal thing, making links and then adding them to your website;s posts.

Is Being An Amazon Affiliate Worth It?

Yes, my answer will always be yes because there are some rock hard facts which you will also think are good and is worth it to be an Amazon Affiliate.

First of all you can’t deny the goodwill you’ll carry. Making money is not a baby’s game. So don’t think that you’ll write 1-2 posts and then will earn a nice commission. You will have to definitely give a lot of inputs to come to that level where other affiliates already are.

Although if someone visits your website and there is an Amazon banner, the visitor wont even think twice before clicking if it is relevant. So that is how good Amazon’s goodwill is.

Secondly imagine the amount of niche you are getting to promote. There are not a handful of niche but like it’s a sea of products to choose from and you can further create categories once you are good in a single niche. You can expand you affiliate afterwards.

There are a lot many reasons which I think established that it is worth being an Amazon Affiliate.


The Amazon Bounty Program provides fixed promotional fees 

(“bounty”) when users sign up for different Amazon services. 

For example, if a guest signs up for a 30-day free Amazon Prime trial or creates a new Amazon Baby Registry, you will win a bounty.

All members are qualified to participate. Through participating in the Amazon BountyProgram, you can maximize your income and receive a bounty for each qualifying activity you’re doing.

To receive a bounty, you must use the same landing page in the Advertisement Fee Schedule and include your tracking ID in the directory. You can use the view and connect banners byvisiting the Special Bounties section of the Associates Central.

Do we recommend Amazon Affiliate?

Yes, I really recommend you being an Amazon affiliate if you are a newbie as it gives you a lot of options to choose from. And even if you’re an old affiliate looking to expand, then this is something you can’t ignore. You will be getting products which you cant even imagine on other websites and you cant ignore the fact that there is not even a single competitor close to where Amazon is right now.

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Visitor Answer

P.S.:- Visitor Answer is a passion project, born with the aim of bringing out the true colors of today’s web hosting review where You can ask answers as well as you can give an answer other people's questions and most of the responses are moderated and the best and most important answers will be shown.

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