How can I get a free lifetime domain?

Questions BankCategory: QuestionsHow can I get a free lifetime domain?
Gorge asked 8 months ago
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Visitor Answer Staff answered 7 months ago

As you might know, it is extremely unlikely for a company to offer a free. COM domain that costs $13.95 per year.

There’s only one way to get a free domain life like that. COM, but there’s a twist here. You need a hosting account to get a free domain name.

Since you seem to be looking for a. COM domain, you’re going to start a blog on some niches and plan to make money on it.

Since the company offers hosting along with a free domain (for a lifetime) of one year, you can create your blog on a brand new server without affecting your old servers. So it’s easier to grab this option and continue your blog trouble-free of charge.

You can even search Google for how to get free. COM domain, but I bet you won’t get a better answer than our guide.

Few hosting companies like BlueHost offer a free first-year domain name on their own and you need to charge $14.99 for renovations.

You can get a domain name free of charge for the first year in order to purchase any hosting packages that many hosting vendors offer you, such as

  1. 3clouds Hosting
  2. Bluehost Hosting
  3. Inmotion Hosting
  4. Hostinger Hosting
  5. TSOHOST Hosting

Note: FastComet has stopped providing free domain.

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