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Imunify 360 is an AI-powered automated security solution from CloudLinux developers. Imunify 360 has been deployed on thousands of servers since its launch, providing security for both hosting providers and their customers. Imunify360 is actively collecting and storing a large amount of information from servers around the world about new attacks. This analyzes the web traffic that reaches your servers, knows all security threats, and uses powerful AI software to change its rules automatically and avoid harmful malicious attacks. It uses machine learning software and vast, signature-based algorithms to recognize near-real-time patterns of abnormal behavior to rapidly prevent new attacks.

Imunify360: Automated Ubuntu/Linux Web Server Cybersecurity

The full, multi-layered security framework for the webserver Imunify360 has:

  • An advanced firewall/WAF with machine-learning rulesets;
  • IDS/IPS;
  • Automatic virus & malware scanning and removal;
  • Malicious PHP script detection and blocking (“Proactive Defense” component);
  • Rebootless kernel patch updating (“KernelCare” component);
  • Web host panel integration.

Imunify360 Stops The Latest Types Attacks

  • Brute-force attacks at both network and HTTP levels;
  • Vulnerability exploitation, including 0-day attacks;
  • DoS (denial of service);
  • Port scanning;
  • and many others.

Imunify360 facilitates website security

  • Fully automated service guarantees the servers are secure and prevents human error.
  • AI-powered a “herd defense” aggregates and incorporates data from other facilities on risk intelligence.
  • An external safety console built into the control panel of your hosting.
  • Convenience for optimization and monitoring of a robust CLI.
  • Supplied with technical support 24x7x365 world-class included.
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