What is SSH used for?

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SSH is known as Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell (A Cryptographic Protocol) is a network protocol that provides a secure way for users to access a computer over an unsecured network, especially system administrators. SSH also refers to the implementing feature set of the SSH protocol. Secure Shell provides strong encryption and secure data exchange between two computers communicating through an open network such as the internet. Network administrators commonly use SSH to remotely control systems and programs to connect, execute commands, and transfer files from one device to another.
Users are using SSH to safely connect with a different computer. The information transfer is encrypted through the Internet pipelines by using SSH. That way anyone who happens to see the downloading of data won’t be able to see what was in the information.

SSH is designed primarily to allow a user to link securely to a remote computer and perform shell and network services. It could be used, for example, by logging network administrators into a remote Web server. It is also considered a stable alternative for the protocols Telnet, RSH and Rexec. Communication processes based on SSH typically work on a client/server architecture consisting of a client and SSH server. The user is authenticated and linked safely and sends encrypted commands on the server to be executed. Both the user and the server are authenticated with electronic certificates based on RSA public-key cryptography. SSH uses encryption algorithms AES, IDEA, and Blowfish.

The protocol is used for:-

  • Secure user access and automated processes in corporate networks.
  • Transfers of collaborative and automated documents.
  • Remote commands released.
  • Management of network infrastructure and other components of the mission-critical system.

Instead of the less stable Telnet system, SSH can be used interactively to allow terminal sessions. In scripts and other applications, SSH is also widely used to allow programs and systems to access data and other resources remotely and safely.

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